Om man vill färdas bakåt i tiden med Datormagazin Retro kan man göra det nu.

Googlade recept på älgskavsgryta. Hittade ett som såg gott ut. Följde det överhuvudtaget inte när jag lagade maten. Men gott blev det ändå!

Google: we will block your mailserver because you are sending spam (but not really, we just want monopoly)

Also Google: Let just allow spammers to create accounts here

M1 Mac Mini: I'm ruined forever and the thought of another X86 box is totally out of the question.

UPDATE. After two days since I had registered my domain Namecheap withdrew it without notice, blocked my account and only then required me to send them a photo of my credit card for additional identification. Some of my services dependent on this domain name were immediately broken. Tech support was silent until I brang it to public on Twitter, then they unlocked my account, but it was too late: I've already registered the same domain on Porkbun.
So, guys, I DON'T RECOMMEND Namecheap to anyone.

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"You’ve likely never heard of 82-year-old computer scientist Lynn Conway, but her discoveries power your smartphones and computers. Her research led to successful startups in Silicon Valley, supported national defense, and powered the internet.

Long before becoming a highly respected elderly professor at the University of Michigan, Conway was a young researcher with IBM IBM . It was there, on August 29, 1968, that IBM’s CEO fired her for [being trans]. Nearly 52 years later, in an act that defines its present-day culture, IBM apologized and sought forgiveness."

Ensam kille söker själsfrände! 😩

Lite för lat för skogspromenader, vilket kanske är knasigt då jag ändå bor i skogen. Sol, sport och sånt passar andra bättre. Hoppas att du är ergonomisk och redo för mycket Vim på kvällarna.

Klackar du högt? Är du effektiv? Är du tangentbordet jag letar efter?

Tipsa gärna om ni känner något tangentbord som ni tror skulle passa! 😀

#tangentbord #askfediverse #keyboard

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