The open web isn't only web based services. I have now opened up two NTP servers (, and they are part of the NTP Pool Project.

Free for all to use, naturally.

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?

(That's a Mel Brooks reference...)

The problem with getting a kickass cold bow is that everyone assumes it's Corona. Well, I'm pretty sure it's not. I hope it's not.

Vi spelar in avsnitt 203 av Sveriges trevligaste podd (enligt oss själva) ikväll. Lyssna live klockan 21:00 på

🎉🎈 Mastodon.Social has just welcomed its 500.000th user 🎂

At this 🌟special🌟 #milestone I would like to thank everyone in the #fediverse for the numerous interesting posts, the wonderful time and the untiring voluntary #community contributions that make it all possible. Let's burn to the ground so we can achieve actual decentralisation❤️

#mastodon #mastodonSocial #500k #freedom

Once you have given notice to an employer things start to get interesting and sometimes they show their true colors. This happened to me today and as a result I'm in a pretty bad mood.

You can always count on a american corporation to profit of others misery.

Our car insurance is due to be renewed in April. This is what my Apple News feed looks like right now.

Apple protects your privacy my ass.



Hey all, was scraping all of the followers lists for all of our users, hammering our instance pretty hard.

Check your logs for and 2a00:1828:2000:195::2 we had 2000 active TCP states when I nuked them.

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