a very busy set of CPUs #Ampere #Altra #aarch64 geek nirvana - htop output with all 160 cpu cores active. each bar shows a 100% loading on every core. We have approx 1000GiB of RAM still free!

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Ah you just have a RUA, that means that you will get reports despite if the DMARC fails or not. So you getting reports is completely normal.

If you set a RUF - you will get notified if DMARC fails.

I can recommend this:

You get a weekly digest, kinda nice.

Yours truly, truing to instill some proper values in my daughters 16-17 years ago.

Finally made the fiber installation in my home (from one end of the apartment to the other) a bit more tidy. Feels like this day will be a day of cleaning (watching my robot hoover the floors) and deal with other things myself.

Ordered one of these. Looking forward to better air in my home.

Beware of Americans bearing gifts.... Really hard to stop eating the reaper almonds.

I'm thinking about lowering my "digital footprint" somewhat and will be ditching the fidonet.io domain. So I will need to move my Mastodon server to a new domain. Is that even possible?

If you want to know how internet works in Iran, Gab and other shitty instances are freely accessible but Mastodon dot social and joinmastodon.org are blocked/censored.

Timeline of Distros Which Discontinued i386 Support

Red Hat 2014

Deepin 2015

Ubuntu 2016

elementary OS 2016

Arch 2017

Manjaro 2017

Ubuntu MATE 2018

Fedora 2019

#i386 #gnu #linux #freesoftware

Last day at my current $dayjob as devops. Tomorrow I become an government employee. Will miss the team, soem truly great people there, but not the open office landscape thing where people 4-5 meters from you engage in loud calls on mobile phone or Teams without a hit of even concidering if they disturb someone else. New job = my own office. Bliss and focus.

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