@bjoremanmelin Av en tillfällighet så testade jag nyligen huruvida en gammal gsm-telefon fungerar på dagens nät. Min Nokia 6510 fick nog full signal. #avsnitt247

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Just remember, if you think your server room is a mess, or seems unkept, it can't nearly be as bad as wherever the hell this is

My 10y old son just announced that he's done with Netflix: "I've seen all there is to see." So apparently we're moving to Disney+ and cancelling Netflix.

Maybe Unraid is the way to go but it comes with a cost. Thoughts?

Also: wondering if TrueNAS is the best solution for ZFS and NFS when being used for VM storage with Proxmox. Suggestions?

Thinking about getting eight of these and just ripping the drives out and using them in my server. Thoughts? 4TB 5400RPM.
Will not be fast, will be used in RAID-5 for VM storage. proshop.se/Haarddisk-extern/Se

Ok - let's see how this unfinished QEMU Agent for FreeBSD actually works (if at all).

Trump sure knew how to truly be best in one category: the misery and suffering of the people he pretended to lead. 500000 americans dead from Covid-19.


Yep, it worked. Running LinageOS 17.1 on my OnePlus Nord. Not ready to be my daily driver yet though, some software missing that I don't seem to be able to get from anywhere but Google Play Store (Signal, AirMessage, Authy, etc).

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