I have no idea how the hell I pulled this off but my Peertube instance is now running on FreeBSD. peertube.fidonet.io/

Lost my irreplaceable wedding ring on Sunday, July 5th. Longshot but I thought I'd post this in case it's spotted. I believe it slipped off during hand sanitizer. Possible locs:

- Vernon's Dnr, Bedford
- Esquire Rst.
- The BLT trail
- Glenbourne Bike Park

🙏 for any reshares.

Happy 62nd birthday to Bill Watterson! Im sure he never dreamed how much Calvin & Hobbes would touch the lives of so many people in such a meaningful and enduring way. #HappyBirthday #BillWatterson #CalvinAndHobbes t.co/tWwnONAsOg

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