@selea I don't understand why anyone worries about advertisers knowing what brand of toilet paper they prefer.


@anonymouscoward @selea next thing they want to know your name, and then where you buy said toilet paper. And then it's all downhill from that.

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@joacim @anonymouscoward @selea
I still love the case of an US woman where, I think it was Best Buy, knew that she was pregnant before she knew.
She kept buying certain stuff with her card and from that data Best Buy knew that "only pregnant woman" would buy those things when they were pregnant from the other data they collected.
To be more clear here, she received coupons for diapers and other baby stuff before she knew she was pregnant.

@shellowl @anonymouscoward @selea Yeah. There is also the example where a woman got sent packages for mothers-to-be and where her family didn't know she was pregnant (she was having sex and was unmarried) and got beaten to death becuse of it. I say corporations should be held at an arms lenght at any cost unless I as a consumer say otherwise.

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