@joacim for true Linux heads there should be a piece of wood, some wire, a jigsaw and a hammer.

@joacim like this - it doesn't make any sense ofc. But usually you have many decks to choose from, many types of pickups, many different necks, bridges, options of controls. And still - that would be like some of the distributions: like Arch or Gentoo, most of them wold look like a ready guitar.
Now imagine that you like aggressive kind of music but all you could possibly have is a classic telecaster, cuz some designer knows much better what do you want. It goes only with very specific kind of strings you cant find anywhere but the vendors shop just for 59.99$, special it's own kind of jack, the only compatible kind of amp: iAmp (just for 999.99$) and doesn't work with normal picks - you gotta buy them from vendor store (just for 9.99$ for piece, ofc). That would be mac

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