So, any #peertube exclusive creators out there?
I would love to have some gaming stuff on peertube, like "Let's plays" but for Free games like Minetest

@selea I'm still trying to get my server running and then we have 215 episodes of our podcast to put online. Given we have a couple of thousand listeners each week I hope it will help gain a little bit of traction to .


Oh that would be cool!
Do you plan to embedd the player in on your site?

@selea Naw. Don't like Docker (mainly because I never use it). Want to run it on CentOS or FreeBSD but I guess I'll have to go the Debian route eventually.


@selea my previous error was due to a old Postgresql. Now I have a even more interesting error:

"message": "Ident authentication failed for user \"peertube\"",

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