days are getting shorter, darkness is creeping closer, the air is getting colder.
Depression is coming.


@selea Air is getting clearer. There will be nice colours outside for a while. Darker days = more time for hacking! :)

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But 90% of fall means gray weather, rain, wind and darkness ;)

@joacim I'm lucky to have autumn as my favorite time of year. And summer is my second-favorite which is great too, I get to enjoy the second best while looking forward to the best.

When my mood was more seasonally based (as in: from when I was born up until a few years ago), I used to be miserable from, uh, the misery used to start around one week into December (the first few days were OK) and used to get better three weeks into May. February was the worst. But September, October, even deepest November I all absolutely Iove♥

This isn't to make light of, or invalidate, anyone who is having a hard time right now! My sympathy for them♥

@Sandra I _hate_ November. Absolutely hate it. That's usually my worse month of the year. Then when the snow arrives in december (or should arrive. that is) it get's better methinks.

@joacim Wow, thanks for the clarification!

Yeah, I guess your take on things is shared by many. IDK, I find autumn cozy AF.

But these last few years I don't see very many clear year-over-year trends any more. I can be miserable all year round♥

@Sandra I love autumn with all the leaves going yellow and red. Absolutely love that. Then they fall off the trees and everything just turns grey... that's when I get moody for a month or so.

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