So it seems to be an Apple event tonight. As a former Apple addict I had totally forgot this was happening. Will watch it anyway and then smirk about the insane pricetags on their new products.

@joacim A former Apple addict? What pushed you to change? It's a step that is too big for most people to bother even contemplating

@nezhac Their desktop OS was, and is, more and more turning into an iPad. And my Mac was, well, old and I don't feel like paying €1500-2000 for a Mac when a faster one with W10 or Linux costs €500. Their phones are truly great but I got a faster phone (OnePlus Nord) with better cameras, more storage and a better form factor 1/2 the price of an iPhone 11. I'm not totally in love with Android yet but I'm warming up to it more and more.

@joacim so it's mostly the price that was a put-off then? And the issues with running third party software on the platform?
It's always interesting to know why people switch, it also helps to convince others to do the same switch ;)

@nezhac Price is a big factor and also I don't like where Macos is going. Apple is exercising more and more control over the platform, locking it down. I understand they are doing this for security but it's not the OS I fell in love with in 2002-2003 anymore.

@loweel @nezhac I think we eventually are going to end up with Apple not allowing third-party software anymore, except for apps signed with a Apple developer ID certificate or purchased via the Mac App Store. Don't really like that either.

@joacim @nezhac

this is even worst. To play against the whole “attackers/hackers” community requires to join together whole opensource communities. A single company, whatever powerful it may be, cannot do it alone. IBM tried that, and many others. All of them failed.

In general, the harder is the box, the more attacker thinking out of the box are deadly. Vendor lock-in is never a good design pattern for security.

@nezhac Computer-wise the switch has been quite easy. Most of the software I need is available on either Fedora or W10. The phone switch was, and is, way harder because I've been using an iPhone since the beginning of 2008. Tactile memory is a bitch.

@nezhac I miss the polish of Macos / OS X but I don't miss all the issues with running third party FOSS software on that platform. When I was hecitant to update Macos because I feared it would break my Jekyll installation I realized I was done with the Mac. Maybe I'll return again in the future when an ARM based Mac mini is fast and cheap (well, it may be fast but not cheap) I will consider getting one again but for the next couple of years I'm quite happy with my laptops with W10 and F32.

@joacim I remember some times where there was a really big buzz already weeks before. Those seems to be over, right?

@lioh Most of that is way gone, as is the times when people would line up for days outside a store to get the latest iPhone. The rumor sites are still all hyped up about it but Apple isn't the exciting upstart it once was - in many ways they are as boring as IBM or Oracle IMHO.

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