Yep, it worked. Running LinageOS 17.1 on my OnePlus Nord. Not ready to be my daily driver yet though, some software missing that I don't seem to be able to get from anywhere but Google Play Store (Signal, AirMessage, Authy, etc).

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@joacim Welcome! I've been running Lineage and CopperheadOS without Google Play Services for years. Signal APK can be downloaded from the Signal site and will self update without the need for any app "store". Swedish semi-must haves such as Swish and Bank ID can be installed via the above mentioned Aurora. I use Shelter from F-droid to put these (and other proprietary) apps in a separate work profile that does not share contacts, file system etc.

@mikael Didn't get BankID to download but I don't have a SIM-card in the phone yet.

@joacim Oh crap. Did you attempt to download BankID with Aurora?

@joacim @michal Its a pretry cool play store alt am running Lineage 17.1 on my One Plus 7 Pro too and get all the google play apps from aurora store.

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