I'm selling my daughters Volvo S40 T4 for 5000SEK (500 euros). I made it very clear I do not take any low ball bids or haggling of any kind - the ad is honest about the car and it's short comings. And yet there are multiple idiots who try to haggle and give me insulting offers anyway.

I hate selling cars.

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I had the same experience when I tried to sell my old volvo.
I clearly stated that it did not start, and I sold it for 2000 kr.

People still wanted to lower the price because they "inte ville köpa grisen i säcken"

@selea I'm thinking about just sending it to the junk yard and pay the fee for it.


Or just put it up as "Skänkes - du hämtar" and watch how everyone will run

@selea Rather not. Then I will get phone calls with people complaining about the car not working as they expected and so on.

@selea A friend gave away a car and then the new owner claimed my friend should give him money because the car "wasn't what he expected".

@selea Some people are morons without any kind of moral code.

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