From the Maze Runner - The Death Cure. Seems oddly fitting in these times.

Holiday is over for now. Took me five minutes to remember where the power button is.

Oh yeah, I get this when I try to load the admin dashboard. fun times.

Beer featuring my favourite detective. From Belgium, obviously. Haven't tried it yet though.

Finally I got the new TV and the homepods properly setup. They sound amazing!

Not sure setting up PiHole was a good idea for my nerves. Now I'm finding all kinds of weird DNS requests from devices like my (not jailbroken) iPhone.

Checking the man page on rsync I realize I may not be able to specify both a remote rsync location and a port...

Firewalld is driving me nuts. My mail server will occasionally stop accepting requests. So I have to login, via the VM console, stop firewalld and then start it again. Note that it is running fine but has stopped accepting any kind of connection.

This behaviour also presents itself after at reboot of the server - "solution" is the same and then it works fine for 20-30 days.

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