I'm selling my daughters Volvo S40 T4 for 5000SEK (500 euros). I made it very clear I do not take any low ball bids or haggling of any kind - the ad is honest about the car and it's short comings. And yet there are multiple idiots who try to haggle and give me insulting offers anyway.

I hate selling cars.

From the Maze Runner - The Death Cure. Seems oddly fitting in these times.

Urmila Mahadev spent eight years in graduate school solving one of the most basic questions in quantum computation: How do you know whether a quantum computer has done anything quantum at all?

She does this with some incredibly clever tricks borrowing from cryptography.

quantamagazine.org/graduate-st #crypto #compsci #quantum #woot

Holiday is over, part 4: Everything is still very confusing. Maybe I should give up on computers entirely and go into gardening instead.

Holiday is over, part 3: 77 incidents. Just this past weekend.

@selea Hade glömt att köra db-uppgraderingen och lite annat. Nu är allt kosher.

Holiday is over, part 2: 281 unread emails (I was gone for two weeks), meeting requests that will cover most of my days for the next week or so, angry messages from managers in teams demanding me to join meetings dueing my holiday. Why am I doing this?

Holiday is over for now. Took me five minutes to remember where the power button is.

All is well. I forgot I had to do a database upgrade and some other things since I migrated from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 at the same time as the move.

So the admin page is dead because a table ("rules") is missing in the database. How do I create that in PSQL?

@selea I see. Interesting. I just disabled IPv6 on my new server to see if that changed things.

Jul 25 21:17:08 mastodon bundle[637]: 2021-07-25T21:17:08.710Z pid=637 tid=2nhh WARN: {"context":"Job raised exception","job":{"retry":16,"queue":"push","dead":false,"class":"ActivityPub::DeliveryWorker","args":["{\"@context\":[\"w3.org/ns/activitystreams\",{\":

All is not well it seems. The federation is broken and it's not a DNS error as far as I can tell. Jul 25 21:16:36 mastodon bundle[637]: 2021-07-25T21:16:36.476Z pid=637 tid=2uhl WARN: HTTP::TimeoutError: Connect timed out after 5 seconds on masto.therealblue.de/inbox

Oh yeah, I get this when I try to load the admin dashboard. fun times.

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