@MrsOstberg Väldigt frestande att rimma pansarsluten, gjuten och gluten.

Om man vill färdas bakåt i tiden med Datormagazin Retro kan man göra det nu. dmzbbs.se.

Googlade recept på älgskavsgryta. Hittade ett som såg gott ut. Följde det överhuvudtaget inte när jag lagade maten. Men gott blev det ändå!

Google: we will block your mailserver because you are sending spam (but not really, we just want monopoly)

Also Google: Let just allow spammers to create accounts here


nu får det fan vara nog
var är den drog
som tar bort skiten för evigt
nu, helst, vore trevligt

@hund I think the "good" one (Synapse I think it was) has support for more gestures and multitouch and stuff. And also it doesn't have a 0,5cm drop in the touchpad itself when you press it like the original touchpad.

@hund I got my T440S from a friend and I purchased a lowres screen on eBay and changed the trackpad myself got get it working. Make sure to get the correct trackpad - there are two different ones (Alps and Synapse I think it was) and one of them works awfully bad in Linux. Can't remember which though but just search for it and you will find it.

@MrsOstberg De är ju vuxna så då kan man ju vara ärlig liksom.

@hund I used to have a T440S. It has a really shitty touchpad (it can be replaced with a better one from T450S for example) and the screen is pretty lowres unless you change the screen itself to a 1080P version which can be done quite easily. They are pretty easy to work with for upgrades and the keyboards are legendary but I never really liked it anyway. I gave it to my grandmother who still uses it.

@MrsOstberg Det är då man biter sig i tungan för att inte säga "ja alltså passar det inte kan du ju flytta hemifrån...".

@x2ero I've been at 16GB of RAM for years now and it works just fine.

@tsturm Everything related to desktop computing (sysadmin, gaming, writing, podcasting, etc...). Re:domain: Thanks. I love it too!

M1 Mac Mini: I'm ruined forever and the thought of another X86 box is totally out of the question.

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