@kmj I haven't defined a pepper on the old server and not on the new either.

@kmj I copied the tokens from the old server config to the new server config and something sure happened. I now get this: synapse.storage.database - 425 - WARNING - GET-37 - [TXN OPERROR] {_get_state_groups_from_groups-17d} could not write to tuplestore temporary file: No space left on device

Gonna move the DB to a larger drive and try again.

@kmj Good morning. I increased the cores to 4 on the server and continued to tinker a bit. I now see this when people try to login: [sync]: using incomplete cached result for [username] and then I get "Unable to connect to Homeserver" in the Riot client.

@kmj I managed to break the old one too. Oh well, there's always tomorrow... thanks for all your help today. Appreciate it!

@kmj I think it's simply the server itself that's too busy to keep up. I'm gonna try to revert to the old server again for now. Too tired to carry on today.

@kmj I see this from time to time: <class 'twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost'> Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion.

@selea @kmj Trying to, anyway. :D Moved it to FreeBSD and installed the latest version at the same time.

@kmj It's funny because I am able to connect to the server from all my clients but even if I type a message in one client it doesn't show up on the other clients and vice-versa.

@kmj It turns out it was a user attribute issue in Postgres. fixed now and it all seems to work just fine.

@kmj just to be clear: "name" is the database and "owner" is the user?

@kmj Alright - getting somewhere. I think.

db imported and I get this now when starting synapse:
psycopg2.errors.InsufficientPrivilege: permission denied for table schema_version

I think I've given the user the correct rights. (see attached image).

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