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If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I FINALLY managed to migrate my Mastodon server to Ubuntu Server and the latest version (3.4.1).

I just tried to upgrade Mastodon again from 3.3.0 but I get this error message:

warning clusterws > uws@10.148.1: New code is available at
error Package "ws" refers to a non-existing file '"/usr/local/www/mastodon/live/node_modules/ws"'.

I guess I should migrate away from FreeBSD but I have no idea how. Maybe another day...

Beer featuring my favourite detective. From Belgium, obviously. Haven't tried it yet though.

PhotoGimp is a cool add on for GIMP, which makes it look and feel a lot like PhotoShop.

Finally I got the new TV and the homepods properly setup. They sound amazing!

Almost two months since Freenode imploded.

In this graph you'll see the total connected users per network in the last 8 weeks.

red: old Freenode
blue: new Freenode
green: Libera Chat

@selea fan den har försvunnit. Systembolaget verkar ha stängt alla sina API:er.

Steve Jobs would've been a better president than Trump.

But I guess comparing apples to oranges is unfair. (nicked from Reddit. Pure genius.)

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