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The wall is up! America is now safe from rapists and other less desireable folks.

Thought: most VPN services offers their customers to escape their own country in a virtual way.

Unfortunately, someone from Russia (Alexey Knyazev) is selling my art as wooden puzzles. First, he sold my Wakeful Wolf without my consent.

I told him to stop selling my art and reported this illegal product everywhere I could. Today I saw that he started selling two other artworks of mine as a puzzle under a different company name.

Please don't purchase any puzzles from "woddopuzzles". or "Alexey Art".

#art #illustration #arttheft #mastoart

America. Wherein a couple in Minnesota wore red face masks emblazoned with swastikas to a Walmart.

Oh, also added a bunch of classic Apple commercials, keynotes, etc.

I've added more retro videos to my Peertube server. This time a bunch of Commodore and Amiga related videos. Check it out!

I highly recommend everyone to boycott Manjaro after this fiasko with the abuse of both power and the funding from the community.

#Manjaro #Linux

(Swedish) Decided I wanted to do a facelift of my home page. So I did.

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