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Just curious - is it possible to install pfSense on a EdgeRouter ER-8? Or just plain Linux?

Gonna migrate to Jekyll today. Started working on it last night.

(rant). So for some reason, PHP has decided not to support file locks over NFS. This may have been a issue for years but I haven't noticed it until now when I'm running web servers on FreeBSD, Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.3. and NFS on FreeBSD. Now Wordfence won't work properly and that's not fun when you're hosting several Wordpress blogs...

Today I learned that Lotus Notes still is a thing. And I have to use it almost every day.

@stemid varför är listad under baskiska servrar och inte Svenska?

Two signs that show how Reddit is truly turning into shit:
1. They really really really want you to confirm your email address so they can send you "updates". 2. Poker advertisment.

uspol, corps sick of trump 

Den 25 december är det 45 år sedan första avsnittet av Kalles Klätterträd visades på SVT. Jag såg själv serien som barn och alla mina fyra ungar har sett serien. Ikväll är det 8- och tioåringen som tittar med mig.

It's #friday which means that it is time for another #fossnorth #podcast. This time we talk about the @creativecommons licenses. Enjoy!

Another white lady was playing at being black? Sigh.

I'm 1/8 Cherokee. Got paper proof and everything. My father's father's mother.

I don't pretend to be native American, because it would be bullshit. Folks tell me I should get involved with native causes, because "they're my people."

I was raised white, I'm not anything else.

And it's all I can do to try to keep the folks I was raised with from wrecking civilization.

Of all the merch we designed for the new issue of our swedish retro computing magazine, this is my favorite. is the place to order it if you live in the nordic countries.

Torsdag är lika meningslös som november månad.

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