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"So @joacim, what do you spend your weekends on these days?"

Glad you ask! I building this. I had to mate the new deck with the old (lower part of photo) which I built 11 years ago. Not a small challenge since I didn't seem to own a level gauge to make sure the old deck was built straight (it is now...).

Next week I'll be having a man over to repair the leak in my pool.

I find it quite distrurbing that there aren't any decent Mastodon clients for Android. Toot! on iOS is so superior in every way here.

uspol, new absentee voter games 

Giant Groundsels, prehistoric plants found on top of Mt Kilimanjaro.

I'm going to bed. Try not to make a mess while I'm sleeping will ya?

Sonen, 10 år: "Jag kramade en AIK:are idag. Det kändes obehagligt."


"Just because there is now a multi-billion-dollar industry based on the abject betrayal of our privacy doesn’t mean the sociopaths who built it have any right whatsoever to continue getting away with it"

Great post!

Woke up with a runny nose and a sore throat. I believe @bjoreman has somehow infected me via TCP/IP.

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