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Republicans do not read this 

Looking forward to reading this headline in january: "Orange idiot led from White House".

One week since I got sick with Covid-19. Still feeling nauseous and tired all the time. Not a good feeling.

Wear a mask and stay away from this shit.

cat /etc/passwd | while read -N1 l ; do printf "$l" ; sleep 0.$[5000+$RANDOM] ; done # Simulate someone slowly typing out characters from a file.

Also, Firefox has completely lost it's shit in Fedora 33. Refuses to load certain URL:s (like my Mastodon instance). I'm posting this with the Linux beta of Edge (which works flawlessly). I think my patience with Firefox is running out... fast..

The Software application in Fedora 33 does not know it is already launched.

Instead of arguing with the sheep on the american right I've been watching the news all day (sick with Covid - can't really do anything else) and american democracy, however screwed up it may be, seems to work and the american public now seems to have decided to kick Trump out or the white house. Biden is getting closer and have passed Trump in several states already. Feeling very happy for america and the world atm.

Halloj därute i höststormarna! ❤️😱💌

I veckans avsnitt sveper vi igenom nya #Fedora 33, dreglar över #RaspberryPi 400 och ger en uppdatering på #youtube-dl-katastrofen. Vi tipsar även om en dold funktion i #Firefox!

Det, #foss, #opensource, #linux och mer. Häng med, vettja! 🎉

My Covid-19 broke out in full force on thursday afternoon. Awfully tired still, no sense of smell and taste, small chest pains but no problems breathing. Feels like I'm running a 40c degree fever but only have 36,8C.

You don't want this shit. Wear a face mask, practice social distancing and stay healthy.

Took me a moment to see the hidden Easter egg in this one... 😆

Jag började dokumentera alla avbrott i fibertrafiken jag har haft det senaste året eller så. Plus realtidsövervakning. Rätt roligt att göra men sorglig läsning för IP-Only.

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