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Update to Peertube 2.4.0 went straight down the toilet. Back on 2.2.0 again.

Updating to latest stable version. Fingers crossed, etc.

Very glad to see the Google workers unionizing.

It's well past time.

Oh and btw - I can actually recommend the series "Upload". Clever writing, funny and the episodes aren't long enough.

Fighting with MRTG is one way of spending your sunday night.

The only thing I'm still having issues with regarding FreeBSD is the lack of support for a large scale installation of servers. Like my own repo for all packages, automated updates, kickstart-style deployment of servers. Now I update everything manually, which is fine, and use a template server which I clone in VMware but a kickstart thing would be cool.

Moved my bastion server from CentOS 7 to FreeBSD 12.2 and setup 2FA and locked down password based login to every single server - keys only from now on.

Jag har äntligen skaffat mig en blogg där jag skriver om mina nördiga datagrejer :) Första inlägget handlar om mina projekt under julledigheten. Läs gärna och säg till om ni gillar!

My load balancer / reverse proxy (Haproxy) has now been migrated to FreeBSD 12.2. Took a while but it's mostly working now.

@eff Bounty offer: I will become one of the 7,500 supporters /iff/ eff commits to remove the #Facebook link from their public website for at least 1 year.

Wanna feel old? We’re closer to the Y2K38 bug than to the Y2K bug.

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