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Checking the man page on rsync I realize I may not be able to specify both a remote rsync location and a port...

HELP! I'm trying to Rsync over SSH.
I have to specify a special port (done with -e "ssh user@servername -pPORT") and then I get this:
"bash: <servername>: command not found.

So I specify the path to rsync:

Still doesn't work. This is from macOS Big Sur (aka 11.4) to a FreeBSD 12.2 machine. I have also tried this with a CentOS 7 server (different path than above) on the other end but with same results.

Wtf is wrong here?

My son wanted to stream when he played Minecraft, and it worked great with #peertube !

I have not tried #owncast yet, but I personally dont see a need for it yet

Firewalld is driving me nuts. My mail server will occasionally stop accepting requests. So I have to login, via the VM console, stop firewalld and then start it again. Note that it is running fine but has stopped accepting any kind of connection.

This behaviour also presents itself after at reboot of the server - "solution" is the same and then it works fine for 20-30 days.

Finally the server move is complete and we are back. Some network issues it they where resolved just now.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be moving my Proxmox server to a colocation which means that and all other services will be offline for a couple of hours.

Why haven't anyone told me about Marsheux before? Here with a Depeche cover:

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