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Get rid of Google and Cloudflare DNS addresses bundled in systemd-resolved
(FallbackDNS addresses)

#fedora #degoogle

@joacim How to tell fiction from truth: in fiction there’s a person with a plan pushing the first domino.

So it seems to be an Apple event tonight. As a former Apple addict I had totally forgot this was happening. Will watch it anyway and then smirk about the insane pricetags on their new products.

Halloj där ute! 👋 🎉 🤩

I veckans avsnitt snackas det om #ARM, ett nytt sätt för #Mozilla att tjäna pengar, #Material UI, #Neumorphism, #WebBundles, nya #PinePhones, #Apple + #Rust.

Det, #foss, #opensource, och mycket mer!

Lyssna in där poddar finns 💌 eller här 👇

I asked @Fairphone if they have considered offering an actually fair phone without any unethical services from Google.

They never replied. It looks like their account is just a dummy account, which is only mirroring their content from the unethical service Twitter, with a bunch of unethical and insecure links from Bitly on top of that.

That's not very "fair" if you ask me.


Fairphone would be really fair if they shipped their phone (or at least allowed the user to install) a Google-free version of Android on their phone without having to unlock the bootloader.

I have a volunteer opportunity!

A friend of a friend is the program manager for
. It's a really good cause: helping underprivileged kids in the Oakland area not fall further behind due to missing school during COVID.

they're looking for someone to do some (pro bono) app development.

(I wish I could do this myself, but app development isn't one of my skills and I'm busy with other volunteering)

Contact me for details if interested.
Boosts appreciated!

re: Mastodon clients for Android: Tusky seems to be the best one. I tried Ivory and it may be good one day but it has a long way to go until it get's there.

As a bonus to completely destroying my back while building that deck, I also get to sit and hack undisturbed once I'm in such pain I can't build no more. My wife rocks.

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