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Right, about that 馃槄.


Hey, the icon got very little complaints from all the beta users. I think everyone gets used to it after the initial jump of "IT LOOKS DIFFERENT!".

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Ugh, people are just the worst... @k9mail released a new stable version after a (in android terms relatively long) while.

Now people are angry:

* that it took so long (and they weren't aware they could have been using the betas all along)
* That the interface changed (and it breaks *their* workflow!)
* and uhm, just generally angry if you read the forum threads... 馃槙

Anyway, here's the announcement: k9mail.app/2021/07/24/K-9-Mail

Further help funding the development: k9mail.app/2021/02/14/K-9-Mail

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All is well. I forgot I had to do a database upgrade and some other things since I migrated from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 at the same time as the move.

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If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I FINALLY managed to migrate my Mastodon server to Ubuntu Server and the latest version (3.4.1).

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Beer featuring my favourite detective. From Belgium, obviously. Haven't tried it yet though.

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At this point most of the day to day work necessary to keep #FDroid up and running is contributed by volunteers.

If you like our project you can help too! Here's how to get started contributing: f-droid.org/contribute
If you've got enough on your plate already we also accept donations: f-droid.org/donate

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Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

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Exciting progress on making #Gitea full-blown member of the #fediverse

With 5k Euro already available for #foss contributors, a grant application to get #funding is being prepared.


#NGI Atlantic.eu is a likely grant to apply for, stimulating cross-atlantic EU/US collaboration.

#Golang developers once again take note!

This is your opportunity to work on a great project and part of initiative driven by #fedeproxy that'll focus on federating even more code forges.

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Looking for a reliable, 100% EU hosted collaboration platform that's quick to get going and costs no maintenance time? EU's largest hosting provider, @ionos_com has you covered!

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Independent security audit performed on our infrastructure, we are now audited on both the infrastructure and the app!

Cure53s statement: 鈥溾s expected Cure53 were not able to discover any Personally Identifiable Information attached to Mullvads end-users.鈥


#vpn #privacy #audit

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Perhaps one of our most important blog post鈥檚 ever. A long and important read about how the foundations of democracy, with inalienable rights and freedoms, has been replaced by 鈥渃ontrol and surveillance鈥. Or as we call it; (L)awful interception. mullvad.net/blog/2021/4/22/law


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Trim your ears (podcast in Swedish), plug in your favorite headset and take 66 minutes off!

Oskar and Linus from our App team joined @bjoreman at Kodsnack for an episode where they talked about how we build an app without any telemetrics, internet as it is supposed to be and how seriously we take our No-logging of user activity policy.

And in the end Linus performs a perfect pitch of our tamper proofing nail polish. kodsnack.se/419/

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Ads on, ads off 鈥 before you start swiping back and forth in the app, let鈥檚 dig deeper into how we鈥檝e set up this DNS feature, how we define what DNS means and how you can contribute to our lists on GitHub.

Pros and cons: DNS blocking vs. ad-blocking plugin:

+ Blocks unwanted content on the entire system
+ No additional plugins
+ Works on systems where traditional ad-blocking isn鈥檛 available

- Not as effective in the browser
- Not as smart as browser plugins


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Today is no ordinary.

Today is THE day to beta test our split tunneling feature on Windows!

Get it now, go for a spin (inside and outside the VPN tunnel), and let us know how it went!


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We鈥檙e shaking up our routine when it comes to blogging about the app and want you to know.

We鈥檙e pivoting away from a post for every new stable release to posts that focus on what鈥檚 truly newsworthy (did someone say split tunneling on Windows? soon鈥).

Fun fact 鈥 we鈥檝e been at this for over 11 years! Before we lay this routine to rest, take one final look back with us at some of the more memorable release moments (there was a day when we offered only 2 exit countries)


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Our onion address on the uncensored Tor network has changed, but save your tears!

Here鈥檚 the new address for mullvad.net:

Read on our blog about the change and why we became a Vidalia in the @torproject membership program:


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While we encourage anti-tracking and more privacy, sometimes all you want to know is, 鈥淲ho鈥檚 actually tracking my political beliefs?鈥

Over on our blog, learn how to find out for yourself in under 5 minutes:

With powerful AI, identifying your political flavor is just the tip of the iceberg.


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We have updated the marketing section of our Ethics page.

We explain what we don't do and why, touching on paid reviews, surveillance ads, dark patterns and spam and other tactics.

We have also added examples on how attract new customers instead, e.g. improving our service, educational projects and sponsorships.


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